Video Presentation : We offer the full scale professional VDO presentation.

Video Presentation

Video Presentation : We offer the full scale professional VDO_presentation production for businesses, organizations, products and services. We compose engaging dialogues with visual images to create a high performance vdo that outperforms today’s high standard.

Ready for Media 360

With the unique module design, VDOs are compatible with online/offline applications and ready for integration.


You can divide a video to each section and link it with E-book /Online presentation / Website and Social media to expand more details and make it more interested.


Channel the access to your VDO as the extension of a company profile / catalogue and brochure through QR and AR code.

Showreel Video

ตัวอย่าง Video Presentation ในธุรกิจอาหาร

ตัวอย่างการใช้ Motion Graphic ช่วยในการนำเสนอธุรกิจ

ตัวอย่าง Video Presentation โรงงานอุตสาหกรรม

ตัวอย่าง Video Presentation กลุ่มอุตสาหกรรมการเกษตร

Project showcase of Video Presentation

If you are looking for a partner to create a worthy idea for your video presentation please find our successful projects by clicking the link below or reach us for assistance.

02 2596187-8 or

Corporate VideoThai Takasago / Job : Video Presentation

ตัวอย่าง present บริษัทPTTEP EDRMS  / Job : Animation

ตัวอย่าง video presentation บริษัทPosco  / Job : Corporate Presentation

video presentationNWP  / Job : Process Presentation

video presentation บริษัทCharoenchai Transformer  / Job : Video_Presentation โรงงาน

ตัวอย่าง video presentation บริษัทChotthakornpiboon  / Job : Video_Presentation บริษัท

presentation บริษัทTPS / Job : Company Presentation

Motion Graphic VideoMJ Additive / Job : Motion Graphic Video

present บริษัทMTF / Job : Corporate Video Presentation

motiongraphic videoInovar Floor / Job : Motion Graphic Video

infographic videoPTTEP / Job : Infographic Video [Animation]

Sambo Shindo / Job : Corporate Presentation

AAPICO / Job : Corporate Presentation

Product PresentationInovar Floor / Job : Product Presentation

PLC  / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

SCG  / Job : E-Learning

วีดีโอพรีเซ็นKDC  / Job : Services Presentation

วีดีโอพรีเซนต์Global Metal Painting Group  / Job : Production Process Presentation

ado presentationThai-Asia P.E. Pipe / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

วีดีโอพรีเซ็นเทชั่นP.T.Patana Kolakarn / Job : Corporate Video Presentation

video presentationSaha Pathana Inter-Holding / Job : CSR Presentation

Newstar Frozen food [Thailand] / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

T.C.Union Agrotech / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

Charoong Thai Wire & Cable / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

ado presentation nutritech co., ltd.Nutritech / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

Mitsib Leasing / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

ado presentationThaisin Metal Industries / Job : Corporate Video Presentation

video presentationBJC Foods / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

Furukawa Fitel [Thailand] / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

vdo_presentation_sharpSharp Appliances Thailand / Job : Product Presentation

vdo_presentation_prepackPrepack Thailand  / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

vdo presentationTsubakimoto Automotive  / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

vdo_presentation_leadwayLeadway Sumitomo / Job : Showreel

vdo_presentation_gslGeneral Starch Limited / Job : Corporate Video Presentation

vdo_presentation_mitsubishiMitsubishi Electric FA / Job : Corporate Video Presentation

vdo_presentation_loxleyLoxley Wireless / Job : Corporate Video_Presentation

vdo_presentation_movenpickMovenpick Hotel & Residence / Job : 3D Simulation Movie

vdo_presentation_rivercityRiver City Shopping Centre / Job : 3D Simulation Movie

Portfolio : grouped according to the branches of service

[promo title=”Portfolio : grouped according to our client’s industry” button=”Contact Us” url=”” icon=”none” target=”_blank” style=”” class=””]These are only a small part of our_works. For further_information, please contact us.[/promo]บริษัทโฆษณา

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-truck” title=”Automotive Part” iconurl=”http://” url=โรงงาน]Samples of_projects from the automotive parts industry including all types of automotive parts assembling factories.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-coffee” title=”Food and Pharmaceutical” iconurl=”http://” url=]Samples_of projects from the food and pharmaceutical industry, such as brochures, catalogs, company profiles, websites, and presentations.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-plane” title=”Logistics” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทขนส่ง]Samples of projects from cargo transportation, distribution, warehouse, and stock management businesses.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-home” title=”Construction” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทก่อสร้าง]Samples of projects from companies specializing in contracted construction, building systems, contracted interior decorations, and civil engineering.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-laptop” title=”Computer and IT” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทไอที]Samples of projects from the computer and IT industry, including both products and services.Our designs are focused on communicating effectively to the target group.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-cogs” title=”Automation” iconurl=”http://” url=]Samples_of_projects_from_clients in the automation business group, such as electrical control cabinets, switchboards, industrial electrical equipment, and automatic electric control devices.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-lightbulb” title=”Hardware House” iconurl=”http://” url=แคตตาล็อกวัสดุก่อสร้าง]Past projects of companies specializing in construction materials, home decoration materials from basements to rooftops, and construction tools and hardware.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-fire” title=”Power and Energy” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทพลังงาน]Samples of projects from energy, alternative energy, and all energy related tools and equipment industry.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-globe” title=”Manufacturing” iconurl=”https://” url=อุตสาหกรรมการผลิต]Samples of projects from industrial factory clients, industrial machinery manufacturers, along to the manufacturers of tools and equipment used in factories.[/feature]

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