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catalogue design : What is the first step to achieving sales goals? What makes a catalogue stand out? These frequently asked questions

With our experiences in designing and creating catalogues from the offline period until now which online media is more popular, the clues lie those creative images and wordings. Here we have the answers for you…

Giant Point has spent 16 years through consumer and merchandisers’ point of view to understand their needs to develop a working system and ethic that reward promising impressions, a catalogue with inviting images and wordings. Proceedings as follow

  • Identify the most effective solution for your merchandise catalogue.
  • Pinpoint crucial logical analysis to optimise your content management systems.
  • Create value-added content that represents your brands and works to catch attention from your audiences.
  • Generate seamless integral marketing platforms for most advantageous sales opportunities.
  • Build a graphic character that conceptualises the original idea of your brand and products.
  • Initiate further developments to create consistent synchronization.

Common enquiries about catalogues ; “Where do I begin?”, “What does it take?” and “Will it be accommodating the different marketing channels / formats?”


At Giant Point, we work with you to discover your brand identity, in order to deliver the right message to the right audiences on the right stage. Our strength has always been the ability to enhance product value and brand performance through artful, yet simple communication, to which makes us stand out. We have a team of professional photographers  with extensive background in commercial and corporate production, whose skill and experiences are matchless. A team of copywriters with individual experiences and specialties in different business fields, writing style and languages, to help you speak to your audience in their languages.  Printing and handover services are available as additional requests.

Once we proceed to the final process, your catalogue can be utilized to establish brand impression on different marketing channels, both online and offline includes; Company Profile / Online presentation / Corporate Video / Infographic Video / Website / VR360 / Social media content.

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Catalogue Design

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[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-truck” title=”Automotive Part” iconurl=”http://” url=โรงงาน]Samples of_projects from the automotive parts industry including all types of automotive parts assembling factories.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-coffee” title=”Food and Pharmaceutical” iconurl=”http://” url=]Samples_of projects from the food and pharmaceutical industry, such as brochures, catalogs, company profiles, websites, and presentations.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-plane” title=”Logistics” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทขนส่ง]Samples of projects from cargo transportation, distribution, warehouse, and stock management businesses.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-home” title=”Construction” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทก่อสร้าง]Samples of projects from companies specializing in contracted construction, building systems, contracted interior decorations, and civil engineering.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-laptop” title=”Computer and IT” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทไอที]Samples of projects from the computer and IT industry, including both products and services.Our designs are focused on communicating effectively to the target group.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-cogs” title=”Automation” iconurl=”http://” url=]Samples_of_projects_from_clients in the automation business group, such as electrical control cabinets, switchboards, industrial electrical equipment, and automatic electric control devices.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-lightbulb” title=”Hardware House” iconurl=”http://” url=แคตตาล็อกวัสดุก่อสร้าง]Past projects of companies specializing in construction materials, home decoration materials from basements to rooftops, and construction tools and hardware.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-fire” title=”Power and Energy” iconurl=”http://” url=บริษัทพลังงาน]Samples of projects from energy, alternative energy, and all energy related tools and equipment industry.[/feature]

[feature style=”2″ icon=”icon-globe” title=”Manufacturing” iconurl=”https://” url=อุตสาหกรรมการผลิต]Samples of projects from industrial factory clients, industrial machinery manufacturers, along to the manufacturers of tools and equipment used in factories.[/feature]

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