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“We are always pleased to be side by side with our customers from the start point to the winning post of their business.”

Advertising company : From 16 years of accumulated experience in the creative media industry, Giant Point Co., Ltd. has produced graphic designs & presentations for over 300 top-tier domestic and overseas corporations. Today, we confidently apply our decade’s worth of knowledge to offer clients the best online / offline media and services.

Portfolio : grouped according to the branches of service

Portfolio : grouped according to our client’s industry

The following are only a small part of our_work. For further_information, please contact us.

Automotive Part

Samples of_projects from the automotive parts industry including all types of automotive parts assembling factories.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Samples_of projects from the food and pharmaceutical industry, such as brochures, catalogs, company profiles, websites, and presentations.


Samples of projects from cargo transportation, distribution, warehouse, and stock management businesses.


Samples of projects from companies specializing in contracted construction, building systems, contracted interior decorations, and civil engineering.

Computer and IT

Samples of projects from the computer and IT industry, including both products and services.Our designs are focused on communicating effectively to the target group.


Samples_of_projects_from_clients in the automation business group, such as electrical control cabinets, switchboards, industrial electrical equipment, and automatic electric control devices.

Hardware House

Past projects of companies specializing in construction materials, home decoration materials from basements to rooftops, and construction tools and hardware.

Power and Energy

Samples of projects from energy, alternative energy, and all energy related tools and equipment industry.


Samples of projects from industrial factory clients, industrial machinery manufacturers, along to the manufacturers of tools and equipment used in factories.

VR360 Tour

Advertising company : Whisk your customers away on a virtual factory or warehouse tour—whenever, wherever—from basic devices such as smartphones, personal computers, or VR Goggles. These fascinating VR360 Tours can be showcased on your company’s website / social media channels / or linked with QR Codes on printed media.
Our staff are happy to assist and recommend the methods which VR360 Tours can be applied to expand your business’s horizon of opportunities.


The_following_are only a small part of our_work. For further information, please contact us.
 advertising company

PTTEP EDRMS / Job : Animation

Advertising CompanyPosco Thainox  / Job : Corporate Presentation

video presentationNWP  / Job : Process Presentation

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advertising company

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